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Sharon Rae Deacon & Associates
Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D.

Address: 3245 Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA, 91208
Phone: (818) 957-5166

Professional Background Deacon, Ph.D & McGuinness Ph.D. are Licensed Clinical Psychologists with experience treating a variety of conditions: ADHD, anxiety, headaches etc. Sharon Rae Deacon, Ph.D. & EveLynn McGuinness, Ph.D. are clinical psychologists. Dr. Deacon has 31 years of Private Practice Experience with individual, couples and families. Dr. Deacon, who received her Ph.D. from USC, had a long term involvement in professional education. Because of her work as a psychologist she has been listed in Who's Who of Women in America. She has trained over 5000 professionals in stress management and over 250,000 families have been seen by therapists she has personally trained. She presented clinical outcome results from our work on lowering hypertension at a recent EEG Spectrum Clinical Interchange Conference.

Dr. McGuinness spent 10 years doing brain research at Caltech before joining the practice in 1992. She received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA working jointly in the Department of Psychology and the Brain Research Institute. Dr. McGuinness is listed in Who's Who of Women in America. Since 1991 she has worked full time in clinical practice. Neurofeedback training provides Dr. McGuinness the opportunity to combine her expertise in neural processing with Clinical Psychology.

Both Dr. Deacon and Dr. McGuinness have undergone rigorous training in the use of biofeedback techniques and have been certified by the the Biofeedback Certification Insitute of America. They are also charter fellows of the National Registry of Neurofeedback Providers. We incorporate our Neurofeedback training into clinical practice in psychology. In treating ADHD, for example, we do assessments, neurofeedback training and work with parents and teachers to maximize the child's potential. We also have social skills groups for children who need additional help relating to their peers. Our philosophy is to treat each child as an individual and tailor the program to meet his or her needs. Although our preference is to ultimately have children medication free if possible, we are comfortable coordinating our treatment with pediatricians and psychiatrists. We treat children who are currently taking medication as well as those who have never been medicated and have expereince with working with proscribing professionals to gradually reduce medication as the need decreases during neurofeedback training.


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