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Inner Act

Rae Tattenbaum. MSW, CSW
10 North Main Street
West Hartford CT, 06107
Tel. (860) 561-5222
West Hartford
Connecticut, USA
0 miles
Focus Page

Susan C. Miller, MA, LPC, NCC
776 Farmington Ave.
West Hartford CT, 06119
Tel. (860) 205-4217
West Hartford
Connecticut, USA
1.8 miles

Neurofeedback is an innovative training technique typically provided by psychologists, licensed counselors, MDs, RNs, and other health professionals. Feel free to call a practitioner and ask them about their background, their area of specialty, and their experience with Neurofeedback. They can answer your questions and discuss with you how you can utilize Neurofeedback.

Affiliates of EEG Education and Research, listed on this website, have all attended our Professional Training Course, and they are all subject to continuing education requirements established by the company as a condition of listing. All affiliates operate independently from EEG Education and Research. Information contained on Affiliate listed websites are the sole responsibility of the owners of the individual websites

If you can't find someone close to you:
  • Some practitioners who provide Neurofeedback will oversee the use of remote training in the home. Initial assessment and beginning sessions will be conducted in the practitioner's office to establish protocols and the suitability of home training. Home or remote training is not always advised. If home training is recommended, you may rent or buy Neurofeedback equipment specially designed to use at home under clinical guidance. Your provider will teach you how to use it, and show you how to capture information so he/she can review it with you and adjust the training as necessary. Periodic in-office appointments are recommended.
  • The number of clinicians who are offering Neurofeedback is growing in part because clients have asked for this service. Encourage the therapist (or a nurse, or a MD) you know to investigate Neurofeedback by suggesting they view our website and contact us for training information at, or speak with us at (800) 789-3456.