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Dr. Ronald Schmidt, Thomas Fuchs
Sozialpadiatrisches Zentrum Inn-Salzach
Vinzenz-von-Paul Strabe10
84503 Altotting, Germany
49 06 71-509-247
Fax 06 71-509244


Annemarie Rathenow, M.A.
Institute for Biographywork, Neurofeedback, and Psychotherapy
Goessweinsteiner Gang 22
D-14089 Berlin, Germany
Phone: 011-49-30-365-6707
Fax: 011-49-30-365-8492

Avi Sonnenschein
Ludwigkirschstrasse 10A
10719 Berlin, Germany
011 49 30881 5620


Wolfgang Keeser, Ph.D.
Leopoldstrasse 59
D-80802 Munchen, Germany
Phone: 49-89-38977-0
Fax: 49-89-389977-22

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