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Guadalupe Navarro, Licenciado en Psicologia
Ladron De Guevara #3010 Int. F.
Paseos del Sol
Guadalajara , Jalisco, Mexico 45079-45082
Phone: 33-1649-4320

Mexico City

CentroIngegral de Atencion Neuropsicopedagogica
Gabriela Michaca Abrego, MA
Insurgentes Sur 4342-13
Colo La Joya
Mexico City, DF 14090
Phone: (52) 55-50-33-64-60;
Phone: (52) 55-50-33-64-61
Fax: (52) 55-56-84-54-75

Mexico City

Crece Neurofeedback
Georgina Blasquez, Psychologist and Family Therapist
Tesoreros 86
Mexico City , D.F. 014000
Phone: (525) 606 39 17
Fax: (525) 666 15 93

Mexico City

Flavia Casali Kadmonoff, M.S.
Amando Almazan Reyes, M.D.
Armonium, S.C. Ave. Palmas 555-504 Lomas de Chapultepec
Mexico City, D.F. 11000
Phone: 52024740
Fax: 55230799

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