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Johan Fekkes, MA.
Clinical psychologist / psychotherapist
Twenteborg Hospital
Department of Clinical Psychology
Almelo, The Netherlands
Phone: 00(31) 564 833240


Brain Resource Company-NL
W.D. van der Zwaag, M.A.
Groningerweg 6
7981 LA Diever, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 521-594114


Brain Dynamcis Groningen, Institute for Neurofeedback
B. Reitsma, Ph.D.
Clinical psychologist / psychotherapist
Hereweg 100
9725 AJ GRONINGEN, The Netherlands
Phone: 00(31)50 5252087


Hardenberg Medical Centre Boterbloem 37
W.D. van der Zwaag, M.A.
Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist
7772 NA Hardenberg
The Netherlands
Phone: +31523-276000


Institute for Neurofeedback
Johan Fekkes, MA
Mitchamplein 1
7556 SC HENGELO, The Netherlands
Phone: 00(31)742 504669 Fax: 00(31)742 504631

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